Review: Use common words and phrases

Step 1: Click "Next" to show the legalese; Step 2: Click "Next" again
to show the legalese and its equivalent, simpler word; Repeat Steps 1 and 2.
[1] eligiblequalified
[2] exceed, exceedsmore than, is more than
[3] discontinuestop
[4] categorygroup
[5] verificationproof
[6] complyfollow, obey
[7] abide by, abide withagree, agree with
[8] acknowledgeaccept, recognize, approve
[9] alternativechoice
[10] amendchange
[11] as soon as reasonably practicableas soon as we can
[12] auditreview, inspect, look at, examine
[13] certifyconfirm in writing
[14] collaborating withworking with
[15] demographicinformation, statistics
[16] disclosetell, reveal, share
[17] effective date... takes effect (will take effect ...)
[18] enableallow, make possible
[19] protocolrule
[20] evaluatemeasure, rate
[21] honorfollow, abide by
[22] your identifiable informationpersonal information that can identify you
[23] emergency situationemergency
[24] incompletelacking
[25] incorrectwrong
[26] indicatetell, show
[27] instance (in the following instances)case (in the following cases)
[28] optionchoice
[29] legal requirementsthe law
[30] maintainkeep
[31] next of kinfamily members, close relatives
[32] notifytell
[33] obligationresponsibility
[34] obtainget
[35] authorized by lawallowed by law
[36] otherwiseif not
[37] procureget
[38] provide consentgive consent, give permission
[39] rebutanswer, respond, contradict
[40] revisechange
[41] upon your requestif you ask

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