Review: Legalese and their Plain English equivalent 1

Step 1: Click "Next" to show the legalese; Step 2: Click "Next" again
to show the legalese and its equivalent, simpler word; Repeat Steps 1 and 2.
[1] at presentnow
[2] at the placewhere
[3] at the present timenow
[4] at the time thatwhen
[5] at that point in timethen
[6] at this point in timenow, currently
[7] by means ofby
[8] by reason ofbecause
[9] for the duration ofduring, while
[10] for the purpose ofto
[11] for the reason thatbecause
[12] from the point of viewfrom
[13] in a case in whichwhen, where
[14] in accordance withby, under
[15] in all likelihoodprobably
[16] in close proximitynear
[17] in connection withwith, about, concerning
[18] in favor offor
[19] in light of the fact thatbecause, given that
[20] in order toto
[21] in point of factin fact (or omit)
[22] in reference toabout
[23] in regard toabout
[24] in relation toabout, concerning
[25] in terms ofin
[26] in the course ofduring
[27] in the event thatif
[28] in the nature oflike
[29] inasmuch asbecause, since
[30] on a number of occasionsoften, sometimes
[31] on the basis ofby, from
[32] on the part ofby
[33] to the effect thatthat
[34] until such time asuntil
[35] with a view toto
[36] with reference toabout, concerning
[37] with regard toabout

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